What is an Automated Penetration Testing?

We should first quickly describe penetration testing before we can discuss automated vulnerability scanning. A penetrating test is a procedure where a knowledgeable security tester looks for vulnerabilities and tries to compromise the protection of your assets. This is exactly what computerized penetration testing is, correct?

Yeah, kind of, maybe. In practice, penetration testing includes a variety of tasks, some of which must be performed manually but which may and ought to be automated. For instance, when guessing credentials, a person tester may consider the employees of a corporation and customize part of their answers using birthdays or online nicknames; They might even alter the business name or office location in the hopes of discovering anything intriguing. But, this can and ought to be automated when it comes to finding known software problems, such as a server missing security updates, using a default password, or being unintentionally exposed to the internet. Since penetration testers utilize these tools to uncover holes, they are also sometimes referred to as computerized pen-testing tools or digital penetration test automation, however, vulnerability scanners are the name most people are familiar with.

In the past, penetration testing was frequently performed once or twice a year. But, organizations can no longer manage to rely solely on single or two annual checkups as the frequency of automated attacks rises. They have been so seeking more automatic penetration testing technologies. A penetration tester like Intruder provides a year-round defense against opportunistic hackers.

To find the newest vulnerabilities, use an online vulnerability scanning tool

Using sector penetration testing technology (the operating system used by security researchers) in the background, Intruder effortlessly integrates with your technological environment to assess the security of your assets from the same viewpoint (the net) as the individuals who are attempting to compromise them. There are a limited number of possibilities for using internet penetration testing software. The tool is made to be quick and easy to use, allowing you to quickly set it up and start protecting yourself.

The tools also come with Emerging Security Scans, which analyze your systems proactively for recently found vulnerabilities as soon as they are made public. Even though it’s not a completely automated penetration test, your systems are nonetheless under the watchful eye of an automated penetration tester! This capability reduces the manual effort needed to keep on top of the most recent threats, making it equally beneficial to small organizations as it is too huge for corporations. Whenever an automated program is keeping an eye on your assets in between manual evaluations, protecting them becomes a much less daunting undertaking.

A top-notch automated testing device

Because Intruder employs the same fundamental scanning engine as the major banks, you may benefit from high-quality automatic security checks without the hassle. ERP is using proprietary noise-reducing technology as part of our dedication to simplification to separate informative value from actionable content, allowing you to concentrate on the things that are most important to both you and your brand.

With Intruder, your services are constantly checked for a variety of security defects, such as internet security issues (including SQL injection and cross-site scripting), network flaws (like remote execution of code faults), and other security configuration errors. The Intruder webpage contains a detailed list of all 11,000 inspections.

Easy, seamless, and efficient

For individuals who are relatively new to the field of security. Analyzing scan findings from other effective automated testing programs might be difficult. On the other hand, Intruder’s reports are simple to use, understand, and respond to, providing context for what may actually occur if the problems we discover were to be exploited. Also, we intentionally employ language that is clear and logical (for non-technical readers) while also being extensive enough to provide the remediation team with all the information they need to keep your systems secure. Because of the fact that penetration testers frequently take the results from vulnerability scanners, interpret them by removing the noise, and display them in an easier comprehensible way, employing Intruder may be equated to already having an automatic penetration test. Precisely what we do, except mechanically.

Establish continuous penetration testing

Want to identify flaws that escape the detection of automation systems? Even more similar to what you’d expect from an automatic penetration test is the intruder’s professional team’s proactive search for vulnerabilities within the Vector solution’s protected assets. In order to reduce the number of false positives and identify potentially hazardous vulnerabilities. If automated scanners are unable to detect, our team will review the findings of your scan. While taking into account the company strategy for each weakness.

Ensuring the security

Your staff cannot keep up with the security problems you face. You must incorporate security testing automated at each stage of your software as a result.

  • Automate security chores to save thousands of hours every month for your team.
  • Find the risks that really impact, then allocate them for repair in an efficient manner.
  • Whether you manage any program, assist the development and security teams in getting ahead of their responsibilities.

See the whole picture of the security

It’s tough to demonstrate that you’re taking every precaution to lower the risk. Facing your firm if you don’t have total insight into the apps, weaknesses, and remediation activities.

Locate all of your site assets, even any that have been misplaced, overlooked, or produced by rogue departments. Use our exclusive dynamic + interactive scanning technique to scan the nooks and crannies of your applications that other solutions overlook. Using native interfaces with your problem tracking and reporting software or Invictus. You can always keep track of the progress of your remediation efforts.

Discover the weaknesses that other tools miss

Qualified researchers’ head-to-head testing reveals that Invictus routinely finds more flaws than some other scanning products. Furthermore, produces fewer erroneous positives.

  1. With our specialized dynamic + interactive scanning methodology, find fewer real vulnerabilities.
  2. Use combined signatures and behavior patterns testing to find every vulnerability.
  3. With thorough scanning that just doesn’t compromise speed or accuracy, find vulnerabilities rapidly.
  4. Organize risk like such a team ten times your size.

Security obstacles. Intricate infrastructure. The expanding list of your weaknesses. It is hardly surprising that teams such as yours are overburdened by the amount of work at hand. Take charge with scaled vulnerability scanning that makes your security player’s living simpler. With capabilities that identify which holes are true risks. Your team can recover the countless hours it spends looking for false positives.

Use strong two-way connectors with the existing tools. Your project team is already using to incorporate security testing throughout your software. No issue how intricate your organizational management is, you can manage permissions for an endless number of people.

Create more secure code to avoid vulnerabilities

The more expensive it is to remediate a vulnerability, the longer it exists in your SDLC. By demonstrating to your engineers how to design more secure software in their current environment. Invictus aids you in preventing vulnerabilities. And, vulnerabilities that never arise in the initial place are the easiest to handle.

  1. Integrate Invictus into the daily tools and processes your engineers used to instill security into your company culture.
  2. Provide developers with useful feedback, so they may write more secure code, which will free up your security team’s time.
  3. Reduce delays with ongoing scanning that prevents the introduction of dangers from the very place.

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