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Why should customer move from ECC TO S/4 HANA?

SAP’s future could depend upon the adoption of S/4 HANA by its customers. Going by that logic, SAP is bound to make it impossible for customers to resist moving to S/4 HANA. With such a move, SAP will ensure that a large part of its user base move towards the SAP Cloud in some form or the other by embracing one or more of the SAP Cloud Apps.

For Customers, the move from ECC to S/4 HANA is a logical option. A complete redesign of the notoriously famous SAP GUI in the form of Fiori and UI5 is the most welcome part of the S/4 HANA suite. This coupled with a completely restructured flat data model has reduced the data footprint needed to run an SAP ERP application. In practical terms, this means that customers will have faster access to data reports. Moreover, there will be faster development lead times using the restructured data models. Imagine this whole restructured data model sitting completely on an In-Memory database like HANA. This is S/4 HANA or call us On +27 0127702257

  • Five stages of technical assessment
  1.  System usage monitoring.
  2. 2S/4HANA system compatibility check

  3.  Scope of ERP conversions analysis.

  4. Scope S/4 HANA innovations analysis.

  5. Drawing up project specification.

  • Assessment results can help you cut down on migration budget and terms. Here is what you get:

    1.  A list of objects, which can be converted automatically.

    2.  A list of improvements and recommendations for S/4 HANA innovation activation.

    3.  Migration budget and terms evaluation based on risk analysis.

    4.  S/4 HANA migration approaches, listing the advantages and disadvantages of each choice.

SAP Training

Our mission is to design, develop, implement and train the SAP Users. ERPSM can help you equip your talent with the latest SAP skill to improve their capability, capacity and performance with knowledge that relate with different department in the organization.

Corporate Training:

Our innovative methods, personal support and customized solutions help our customers achieve exceptional results. We help organizations to plan, manage and evaluate learning and development and ensure they gain maximum benefit from their training resources. We don’t just teach the theory – we use real life examples and case studies to support our teaching. We make use of SAP Enable Now to develop and design some of our SAP training to customers.

We offer SAP training on different modules like technical and functional modules on any of this level.

1, End User 2, Super User 3, Consultant

Individual Training:

We provide value added training to individual who aim to start a career as a SAP consultant. Our training programs are customized to prepare our customers as a professional consultant to be ready for the challenges in the SAP market.

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